Olive & Oak

restaurant brand identity

Olive & Oak is a unique design experience which combines the comfort of the great outdoors with the sophistication of a fine dining experience. The menu offers a variety of goat-inspired dishes and energizing elixirs which are crafted using fresh, vibrant and organic ingredients to provide a flavorful palette to the health-conscious consumer. The eater’s design combines contemporary flair with rustic touches and provides a space where community and nature come together as one. The atmosphere evokes a sense of infectious positivity and promises to recharge each customer—physically, mentally, and spiritually—with every visit. (Written by Cameron Colombe & Cammy James)

Collaborators: Cameron Colombe & Cammy James (TCU Interior Design)


Olive & Oak is the result of a collaborative project with the TCU Interior Design Department. The name and concept were created by three team members: Cameron Colombe, Cammy James, and Michele Farren. All graphic design material (logo and deliverables) were created by Michele Farren.