Pickup your passion

chevy experiential event

concept design & event branding

A popup event created by Chevrolet to support and inspire creative thinkers. The event takes place at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, Colorado to connect with a creative target market. A commissioned Pinstriping Competition connects with consumers through creativity, gives consumers a voice through voting, and obtains consumer information through an additional survey. A Painting Pots for Charity activity booth allows the target market to express creativity while giving to charity. 

Programs: Illustrator, Photoshop • Extension of: Chevy Advertising Campaign


Guerilla Marketing

Escalator used to advertise the Chevy event at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

Activation Experience: geofilters

Three Geofilters were created to appear on the Snapchat application while visitors attend the festival. 

Activation Experience: activity booth

This activity booth allows the target market  to paint their very own potted succulent after making a donation of their choice. All proceedings go to The Breathe Network, a nonprofit organization to help women dealing with trauma from sexual violence.

Activation Experience: pinstriping contest

Commissioned artists will compete in the 2018 Pinstripe Chevy competition. Each artist will pinstripe a 2018 Chevy Silverado July 6-7 live at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Based on consumer votes, the winning truck will be given to the raffle winner (complete survey to enter). The second place will be featured in the 2018 Chevrolet Charity Auction.  

Event Logistics: Chevy Event Blueprint

This blueprint displays the layout and consumer path of the Chevy Pickup Your Passion event.