Pickup Your Passion

advertising Campaign

Chevrolet is an American Motor Company built off the 1923 message that their vehicles are "Man's Conquest of Time". Like many truck companies, Chevy focuses on marketing towards the masculine individual who wants a vehicle with powerful features and appearance. The purpose of this ad campaign is to expand this demographic to the modern, independent woman and/or creative who finds value in the practical features of the 2018 Chevy Silverado. 

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Marketing Position

The advertising reaches out to strong,independent females, particularly makers and experiencers, who are interested in owning a vehicle that will give them the strength and space needed to execute their passions. Whether it is sculpting, renovating, or family vacationing, this campaign will create scenarios in which women can envision themselves within.



Elements pulled from the current Chevrolet brand include bold, sans-serif typography paired with sharp images. However, branding differs through the use of solid colored headlines, natural lit photography, and images that focus on the consumer lifestyle.